Please read the following redemption, refund and cancellation policy ("R&C Policy") of the websites or the mobile application, fundspi ("Application"), available at android (play store) (collectively "Platforms"). For the purpose of this R&C Policy, wherever the context so requires "You","Your", or "User" shall mean any natural or legal person who is a visitor on the Platforms or has agreed to become a registered User on the Platforms by providing information while registering on the Platforms. The terms "We", "Us","Our" or the "Company" shall mean Mudraangle Technologies LLP. Please note that acceptance of the Terms of Use ( and/or Privacy Policy (, shall be deemed to include the acceptance of this R&C Policy. Please read the following carefully to understand the correct process in respect of this R&C Policy. In case of any queries, please contact

Redemption Policy:

When signing up for the services on the Platforms, You acknowledge and agree that:

The Company is merely a facilitator of the services contemplated on the Platforms, and all payments and refund/cancellation/redeeming requests are a direct agreement between You and the applicable Asset Management Companies’ ("AMCs")

For investments using NACH/ Direct Debit/eMandate/UPI/Payment Gateway(s), and other such payment methods, We will submit the NACH/ Direct Debit/Payment Gateways(s) instruction(s) to Your bank. Pursuant to receiving confirmation of successful money transfer from your bank account to the applicable AMCs’ account, We will send Your request for subscription of mutual funds (purchase of mutual funds) to the applicable AMCs. Please note, there may be a delay between the date of debit to Your account and the date We submit Your request to the AMCs.

Subject to point 5 below, Your instructions will be processed the same business day if received before the cut-off time(s) specified by Us on the Platforms, or else, Your instructions will be processed on the next business day. We may specify cut-off time(s) prior to the time(s) specified by AMCs and/or Securities Exchange Board of India (“SEBI”). Once the transaction(s) have been placed by You, You will not be permitted to cancel, refund, or reverse such transaction(s).

The transaction can only be redeemed with the Net Asset Value of the transaction, as applicable per the redemption date subject to the cut-off time as specified by AMCs and/or SEBI. The respective AMC shall credit the redeemed amount directly into Your registered bank account per the offer documents. In the event that the respective AMC does not credit the amount for any reason whatsoever, You shall address this grievance directly with the AMC, and not with the Company. It is reiterated and agreed by You that the Company is not directly or indirectly responsible to pay any monies to You for any reason whatsoever, as the Company is only the facilitator and not the mutual fund company for Your investments.

You irrevocably authorise the Company to execute Your instruction(s) with regards to purchase or redemption of the units. We will forward Your instructions to the AMCs electronically, and the AMC will process the transactions on the basis of Your instructions only. Please note, that AMCs are not obliged to accept Your application for subscription to units of their mutual fund schemes in part or in full. If the transaction is cancelled by the AMC, the money may be credited in Your registered bank account within such timelines as determined by the respective AMC. However, the Company is not responsible for any non-acceptance/cancellation by the AMCs.

If post the execution of a transaction, for any reason it is discovered that You have not provided the Company with sufficient funds for such transaction, You shall pay the deficient amount to the Company together with additional charges, as determined by the Company. You agree that the demand of the Company will be conclusive and accepted by You.

The Company uses third party payment methods/gateways for completion of transactions on the Platforms. These third parties provide their own services and therefore the processing of payments through these third parties is subject to their respective terms and conditions and their service conditions. You agree that the Company is not responsible for any services to be rendered by any such third parties, in respect of completion of transactions on the Platforms

You agree that any redeemed amount (if any) shall be credited to the same bank account from where the amount was debited. We will not be able to transfer any monies redeemed by you to any other bank account.

Refund Policy:

Customer can initiate the refund request for payment directly made to out account within 7 days, and once the refund is approved we will refund the amount within 48 hours and the amount will reflect within 5 working days. Your order amount will be refunded to you by your preferred refund method i.e. refund via the payment method you used or store credit note.

For refund against cash on delivery order, user will need to fill a form that accepts bank account details to which the amount will be refunded.

The Management’s decision with regard issuance of credit shall be final and binding. Further, the Management reserves the unilateral right to modify/alter the aforesaid conditions/policy without prior notice and the same shall be final and binding.

Cancellation Policy:

You can cancel your order online within 1 day and once the cancellation is approved we will refund the amount as per the details mentioned in the Refund policy and the amount will reflect within 5 working days. Your entire order amount will be refunded via the refund method selected by you.