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Track your Mutual Funds performance

April 15, 2020 / By fundsPI

Ongoing volatility in the equity market has certainly made all the mutual fund investors jittery about its impact on their mutual fund portfolio. Every investor wants to know the live status of their holding so as to take an appropriate action to either maximize gains or minimize losses. Tracking of live portfolio performance & taking some action, such as investing, redemption or switch, becomes much easier when the entire portfolio is online but is a challenging task if it’s in physical form – task mainly on account of calculating the absolute or annual returns, comparing the scheme performance vis-à-vis its peer or executing the transaction.

Ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and resulting lockdown has reinforced the point that every investor should hold his/her mutual fund in online mode. Holding mutual funds online not only increases the chances of investors earning higher returns – by regular tracking, setting reminders, executing transaction within the cut-off time, but also saves a great deal of physical efforts of visiting either the registrars or mutual fund company’s office for executing transaction.

In mutual fund, keeping a regular track of your investment is the most important part of investing journey. Although, its always suggested to remain invested for long term in mutual funds but periodical re-balancing based on market conditions will surely help in optimizing the returns. To give an example, say if you are invested in sectoral fund which is heavily inclined towards hospitality or aviation industry & given the current the market dynamics because pandemic, it definitely makes sense to move out of those sectors – as they are not expected to do well over next few months, and move into the sectors such as consumer or pharmaceutical which are likely to do well. So, as mentioned above, there are many factors which keep affecting the market at regular intervals which calls for periodic portfolio re-balancing. The figure below highlights the mutual fund investment process every investor should follow;

FundsPi’s mutual fund mobile app provides the option of shifting all your physical mutual fund investment to digital mode and also offers host of below mentioned services:

* Tracking live NAV performance
* Notification on set return target
* On Click Invest or Redeem option
* Portfolio valuation
* Scheme category performance comparison

With a simple a process of registering your PAN and mail ID, one can easily migrate all the investments from physical to online mode and avail the mentioned benefits at the click of the button.

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