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Revised Cut-off time for Mutual Fund transaction

April 07, 2020 / By fundsPI

In view of ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, SEBI has revised the cut-off time for transactions related to mutual fund subscription and redemption.

SEBI has reduced the cut-off time for all mutual fund transactions executed between 7th April’20 to 17th April’20 (both days included). Consequently, all transaction executed through Fundspi platform will have the below mentioned revised timing.

Cut-off time for receipt of funds by Indian Clearing Corporation Ltd. in their account to get historic days NAV in case of liquid transactions and same day’s NAV for schemes other than Liquid & overnight schemes for amount >=  Rs. 200000/- Is as given below;

For T-1 day NAV (Liquid & Overnight) – 11.30 am

Schemes (Other than Liquid & Overnight) of amount >= Rs.200000 – 12.00 Noon.

All investors should take into consideration the revised timings for purchase and redemption transaction of their mutual fund.

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